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       Loongtin is a B2C cross-border export e-commerce complex.
        Loongtin Founded in 2021, located in Guangzhou, the company is committed to the development of global independent brands, deeply rooted in furniture, travel outdoor, LED product lines, the implementation of branding and boutique operation model.
        Since 2018, with the rapid development of China's cross-border e-commerce industry and the rise of Chinese overseas brands, the company's product sales have grown rapidly, and the popularity and market share of its own brands in developed countries in Europe and the United States have been rapidly improved. The company has a professional and mature operation and promotion and supply chain team, through independent research and development and supply chain integration, continue to enhance brand power and product strength, through Amazon, ebay, AliExpress and other cross-border e-commerce platforms to sell high-quality products made in China to many countries around the world.